Strange FPS problem

8800GT died now using 1950XT donated to me for little money which arrived today thanks to jinglyone.

I noticed some maps were performing piss poor with only 10FPS, I tried allsorts, lowering resolution, changing dxlevels, overclocking, FPS cofnigs but these maps still performed the same no matter what. Eventually I noticed its only the stock Valve maps, lockdown, overwatch, runoff, powerhouse etc so had the idea of extracting the maps from the gcf and placing them into my maps folder. BINGO! problem solved now all maps run as they should do with plent of FPSesessses.
No idea why it made a difference but it did and may help others in similar situation in the future.

I call hax, u had ur own personal ones with see through textures n shit.

Nice, I’ll try that.