take a seat if you cheat

I was thinking there should be a section where we post the steam id’s of people we know hack, along with posting the demos for proof. that way server owners can add them to there ban list. Or if there not sure they hack and need more opinions they can post the demos here.

or is this a bad idea?

PS: please leave the nutri grain subject out of this.

Might be a good idea if used appropriately. But then we would end up with something biased and people will get all emotional, and fuck everyryhting uppp11.111.

lmao. thanks for the PS Briggsy :wink:

not enough hackers in this game for a section

this seems like a pretty good idea on paper but this kind of thing could get out of hand very quickly and get pretty messy.

It’s not a bad idea, but it is also bound to cause controversy. I will keep this one under consideration as a maybe for the future.

add my steam id!

sure, why not.
whats life without a mess or two?
probabley be full of euros anyways.

this thread is now about k-os?

this thread is now about k-os?

=o ?

Who? :wink:


hmmm I’m kinda getting lost with the comments ;o

yes do explain x}

I think the idea is not bad at all, but as someone said already, it has to be taken with utter care for it’s delicacy.
But I was thinking the other day (the last time I got called a cheater) that we could also get a collection of demos/videos with gameplay demonstrations of cheats so that new people could get to actually see them and how they look like and learn how to detect them.

My thought came from the fact that the ppl that call me cheater are ppl who don’t cook nades, don’t bhop, don’t aim as good as me, etc, and never really have seen real cheats in front of their eyes.
When I ask them if they did see any, they just answer “you’re a cheater, period.”

I made a demo with me bhoping/overbouncing with a really-lame-bhop-script and then me doing it without it. The diference is huge and hilarious. I could contribute with that for a start.

i currently use an aimbot, wallhacks, and a shotty script.

good to see you think your so funny scott