Valar and someone else had posted some links to websites for sources of textures. Do you guys mind posting them here and I will sticky it and add more if I find them.

I am looking for some different textures to use cause the stock ones from Valve are just boring.

start here. Download Mem’s GCFScape and install it.
it will give you access to your GCF (game) files. you can start by extracting your CSS:S materials and models. TF2 and so on.

this will not only give you a lot to work with but is a good entry point practice to learn how to understand and edit VMT files.

This is Valve’s wiki page about VMT. note that not all features you have in OB you do in ep1 (hl2dm is ep1) therefore some materials / models won’t show in Hammer or even in game or show up as purple-black checkerboard. this is why you need to understand what should be commented out.
you’ll see in some of the VMT you look at things like this:
//$surfaceprop gravel
the // means that the engine will ignore this line “$surfaceprop gravel”. this is how you edit our command lines ep1 can’t handle.
Start by reading and hit me up if you need more help.

While you are grabbing GCFscape, grab vtfedit as well. I would ignore TF2’s textures. They do not look good outside of TF2. And as Valar stated, alot of textures related to Ep2 or newer will, more then likely, need the .vmt file altered.

Alot of links I had for custom textures have gone to crap, but I have a few down there. Try to google search for the ones without a download link next to them as Im to lazy to search for them all:
berneyboy - Large texture pack with urban and natural themes
cncr04s - Huge (1800+) texture pack with everything (some of the vmts are messed up and will need repaired and there is more then 1 texture pack of cncr04s)
HourPitores - Medium texture pack of Industrial and Natural textures Download
ARCRUX - Small texture pack with a sci-fi theme by spineroyal
dr Zaius’ FF Pack - Medium pack of team-colored Fortess textures Download
Gambit01 Texture pack - alot of colored stuff that was made for fortress forever Download

Thanks guys

berneyboys textures - [u]here[/u]
cncr04s (and some others) - [u]here[/u]
spineroyals site is gone but I have a copy of arcrux - [u]here[/u]


Greenhorn 2 (cant find a download so uploaded a copy) - [u]here[/u]

boshed you king of men

Just made my first custom texture from a photo I got off the web.

VDFEdit is an awesome app for this!

thx for the forum, very helpful, I have gotten a lot more textures now

I have one question, has anyone messed around with “parallax” texturing? I am just wondering if it really does look that good in a map, but my guess is that it has not been used that much becasue it is really expensive and probably looks out of place. i ask because there are some hl2 textures that have the “_detail” file to be used for it, but it is never applied in the .vmt


(you can find this cd’s in .iso, on torrents :smiley:)

Also, if you want to make your own textures off photo-sources then I recommend this site;

Cool, thanks

Yea I also just bought a 15 megapixel digital camera and now everywhere I drive, I am looking for things that might make a cool texture.


If I downloaded high-res textures for css, would I be able to use them in sv_pure 2 servers?

nop :neutral_face:

couldn’t they be converted to hl2dm textures? if then used to make a map the should be ok. In any case to make a texture, you want to start with a high res image and reduce iit from there.

he’s talking about expanding his Materials folder with more texture. pure 2 won’t go with that. if a material however is embedded into a map that’s diff and pure 2 doesn’t “see” it. but that’s not what we’re talking about…

anyone wanna link me to a high-res css texture pack download? :smiley:

[quote="[EYE] Valar"]
he’s talking about expanding his Materials folder with more texture. pure 2 won’t go with that. if a material however is embedded into a map that’s diff and pure 2 doesn’t “see” it. but that’s not what we’re talking about…

Ahh… k

try adding the photoshop plugin for .vtf files. It is very useful for making different textures from templates programmed into the plugin and it tells you if it is the wrong size.

http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?c=154#p154 for the link in nem’s tools and the direct download


I am trying to make a sky texture for the skybox. Is there anything different that should be in the VMT or different about how its made compaired to a regular brush texture?