the free fall

I’ve discovered (hopefully) a new glitch… sometimes being alone on a server helps!
Basically u take a leap of faith (aka jump) holding an object and as you approach the ground (aprox 1.5 ft, but really depends on the grav), you let go of that object; your model kinda slows down a bit (this is the glitch) and it’s like the jump just started, cus you take no damage :slight_smile: no matter how high you jump from. Can be a life saver if your health is <=10 (this wasn’t tested on real damage settings, but those are rare) and no health pack to grab or land on :smiley:
I’ll prolly add a demo tonight, feel free to try it and tell me what you guys think

Oh, another safe landing (which works better in lower grav) is to make circles upon landing, or go sudden left/right multiple times. Kinda hard to describe, but the point is to prolong flying as much as you can and surveilling the area like a plane to avoid abrupt landing :slight_smile:)