The Not-CU-eFPS-CAL-WZ HL2DM Tournament

Hey everyone. So… As most of you already know, I’m hosting a HL2DM tournament.
This is NOT a CU, eFPS, CAL, or WZ inspired tournament. It will be run ENTIRELY by me and a few other trusted friends.

I guess I’ll get to the point.

First off: PRIZE. This is going to be where first-place winner gets $2,000 USD.
Now, most people find it difficult to believe that I’m actually downing 2 grand on this tournament.
I will post a picture of a slip of paper from my bank account (Obviously with all personal info blurred out) showing the money I have in it.
I will, at the time of the winner, be putting this 2g into PAYPAL for who ever wins.
Do NOT ask me to upload ANY money to Paypal BEFORE the tournament is over for “proof.” I WILL NOT upload 2 thousand dollars to an unsecured website just to let it sit there for ever.
Furthermore; If you ARE NOT OLD ENOUGH to have a Paypal, do NOT bother joining the tournament UNLESS you have someone of legal age / consent to open a Paypal and retrieve the money FOR YOU.
I will NOT be sending money ANY other way than Paypal. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Secondly: ALL rules and regulations regarding the tournament will be on Facebook. I’ve created a separate account that you MUST ADD in order to be on the list of attendees for the tournament.

Here is the FB to add:

If you DO NOT have a valid FB account to add, you WILL NOT be allowed to compete in said tournament.
This is for legitimacy reasoning and I am NOT willing to be persuaded otherwise.
FB is a free social networking site. The chances of you not having the most popular one in the world is beyond slim.
If you REALLY don’t want to add your “real” account. You can do what I did. Create a separate one and add it on that.
But it’s really not that difficult to make one. So please add that, as I don’t like posting on these sites. And I almost NEVER respond to any Steam messages until I’m already out of game (or there’s a tournament match going on that I’ll be on the lookout for)
I will also be posting my Steal Profile on there, as well.
But I must know your in-game name that you are going by, and it must be added. I will be posting / uploading the map list soon (and possibly suggestions, if anyone has any!)
That is all. Thanks.

Kinda ironic.

Also, why are you hosting this tournament? And why are you willing to shell out $2000 to do so?

Well this is confusing…

I’m basically wondering the same thing that Nutri is…it doesn’t make sense man. Unless you’re crazy, which you might be. If you are crazy, then let’s get NUTS! And by us, I mean everyone but me.

You don’t seem like the trustworthy type, I know, now I’m nuts.

He pretended to be a girl for several years while cyberfucking guys that play a buggy pile of fuck game. I’d say he qualifies as no less than “fucked in the head”.

I contend that this is just a ploy to get to people’s FB accounts so he can jack off to beach pics of the guys he plays video games with.


Precisely why I won’t be partaking, even if it was in ag2_stock. FB is gay.

Which, I would not be doing my friend Janek justice if I mention this: you should use the ag2 platform.
Different game engine and different, custom, and specialized software parameters make it a much harder platform to hack.

I realize that you were always one of the bades and that this will fall on deaf ears, but as I said, I gotta mention it.

You lose nothing from vavle_dm to ag2_stock, nothing at all. You only gain; provided, of course, it is a competitive setting and NOT pubby.

my small dick is small.

I’m sorry, I know I’m not the most trustworthy person from my past.
But this is completely legitimate.
And most people are welcome to join. I’m pitching in 2 grand because I have money to throw away, and I’d love to see a huge tourney again. That’s why.
Furthermore: I realize FB is “gay” but that is how I’m doing it. I Apologize if it makes it difficult for anyone.
AG2 will not be used unless an incredible amount of people prefer it.

Again: I’m not MAKING anyone partake in this tourney. If you don’t want to join, then don’t. Simple. I just want everyone to join and have a good time. That is all. If any other questions or concerns are to be made, please contact me via FB, Steam Profile will be on there with in-depth answers.

Thanks to all who consider!

You have 2 grand to throw away and your number one choice was to give it to the winner of a tournament for a shitty, dead, video game?

I bet you could hire a sweet-ass homosexual gigolo for a day with that money, or buy a moped. Come on man, or girl, think!

No. That is not the reasoning.
Again, it’s for legitimacy reasons.
I even stated that if you are NOT comfortable adding me, create and make an alias FB account, please. If you still don’t want to, then you’re out of a fun tournament. That is all.
My goal here is to let everyone have fun. That’s it.

Its all fun and games until someone doesnt receive their prize money.

can i pee in ur butt

Alright guys.
It’s not hard to not bitch and whine and complain like everyone ALWAYS does about EVERYTHING.
It’s a little ridiculous how bad you all are when it comes to things like this.
It’s 2 grand. It’s completely legitimate. Someone can take it or don’t.
You can try to not be dickfaces, but I know that would be asking too much of this community.
Again, join or don’t. If not enough people participate, the tournament will not held. Simple.

I simply wanted to host something fun. That’s about it.
That’s all. Thanks.

Get a sex change with that money kigha.

if you have enough money to spare, you can do what others including myself have only dreamt about: organize a LAN :slight_smile: where’s my plane ticket pl0x

as for ‘legitimacy’, a steam account shud be better than a facebook one, since dm ain’t free no more
and you should’ve found a spokesman since you can’t be trusted

Meet at the lagoon in 5?

Formal clothes…

I speak pretty well, but Kigha, you gotta disclose a lot fucking more before anyone will begin to trust you.

Also, if you want to garner interest in a dead game by injecting funds into a competitive tourney, (or whatever your reasoning) why the fuck are you not donating to an established league like CU or eFPS?
I have worked with and received prize money from Dallas, and despite him being a satanic Cowboys fan, he does NOT fuck people over.
Unless I am mistaken, CU has successfully had money tourney’s from donations.

Both are very viable and popular establishments that have rules and community input/information methods already in-place.
I am sure either will follow you condition(s) about the money, like it being for a NA tourney only, or whatever; this would be provided, of course, that your conditions are reasonable.

Why are you not using an established league? What is your agenda?

So like, if I even give this tournament a chance, what’s it gonna be? 1v1? 2v2? What? I have no Facebook account at all (beyond those slim chances), so I can’t look at the rules and details if they’re there.

Secondly, how did you get this money? You must have a good job to have 2 grand lying around, or maybe it was a really good day in the stock market? Just be honest, even if it’s drug money or something. Blas would still take it. Or are you just that fucking nuts to throw away 2 grand that took like 6+ months to save from a grocery store job?

EDIT: I second new guy’s post right above this one

Not buying it. You literally spent years building a fake online persona only to be discovered, rage quit, and now you come back offering a few bucks for a tourney when there’s only a handful of people still playing.

Something doesn’t add up. If you have money to flush down a toilet, why not give it to charity or some needy family who could use it?

Why use FB to set up a tournament if people are just going to make fake accounts? That’s a lot of hassle just to set up a tourney when available forums and Steam work just fine.

Your previous level of dishonesty brings me to only one conclusion:

Something is just not right here.

It’s purely 1v1-only. No 2v2. No divisions. Just simple random seed-bracket 1v1 type of tournament.

And I’m well aware that I may seem like I’m joking about this. But I’m really not. And I didn’t randomly rage quit, either. I’ve been playing this entire time. Even after people found out. I just stopped caring about dumb shit so I stopped making a big deal about everything. lol. That’s the honest truth.

And as far as Steam, if everyone REALLY would prefer to use Steam, my Steam ID is “nolmts” feel free to add me.

Furthermore: I’m not using an established league already because, simply put, I just don’t like them.
I mean, you guys literally have NO investment in this. I honestly don’t know why you’re making such a huge deal out of something you have to put NO money towards.
Even if I DID “fake it” and pull your guys’ legs, you’d still lose ABSOLUTELY nothing. So I really have no clue why it’s a huge deal. Just play and have fun. But I’m definitely putting the money towards it.

Might make a Steam page I guess as an alternative to this so everyone can see since FB is apparently the most difficult thing in the world to use.

Anyway, add me and I’ll see what I can do about page for you guys and you’re more than welcome to privately message me any ON-TOPIC (again, I quote: ON TOPIC regarding the tournament) questions. I do not want any bs questions regarding anything offensive or ill-mannered, please.