This is a seiours Topic, about how to help "fresh noobs"

Okay, I did have a nice long post on, it wasn’t bad - I swear, just ask the Irish guy, but it made me look really dumb, which I can be a times.
Like…when someone believes that you are legally allowed to roll any stop sign, as long as it has a white-border around it
Yeah, the crap I posted was that kinda dumb

I now only have one question, can someone help me w/ doing voice overs of some videos you have and some that I would like to create/add? I really don’t want to use these forums to exchange information, due to the fact that I embarrassed the living crap out of myself on this thread - which I have deleted the only way I know how, re-editing.

If any of yall are good w/ that kinda stuff just please let me know, because after trying seagulls vid on bhopping - I kinda want to know how to add a voice over to it, simply because I know it would have made learning from the vid ALOT easier for me. Perhaps it will help other people too.

There is also some other crap I would like to suggest, but I’ll do that later, I feel too stupid right now

Thank you Lots Mr. Rafadagaffer, lets keep this secret shall me? please?


At the bottom of your posts, beside the quote and edit button is the delete button

EDIT: It is the little x beside the red exclamation mark

I deleted the empty posts. As far as doing a voice over, I don’t know the optimal way. My first guess would be to watch the video and record the commentary with something like Sound Recorder, then use editing software to layer and synch it over the video.

Yea, I thought of that, but I heard from some other people… I think it was a combo-plater of UG and rL, that there is a program than read demos that also allows you to hear the voice chatter - that probably would be a faster/easier way to get this done.

Anyone know of what I am thinking about? Or am I just dumb?

Well you could speak over the mic in game and it will be included, or get a third party app that records exactly what you are seeing and hearing on your computer. Unfortunately I have never used such an app sorry.

well you could record with ventrilo… althou if it’s a demo file might be easier to just in-game it from spec while seagull/someone does the tut

Audacity can record edit and do all manner of things, it is really quite powerfull little prog
heres a tutorial.

ty so much, and for giving me a tutorial. :mrgreen: