Time for a new mouse

I have narrowed my list down to the following - note money is not an object as it will be free through work.

Razer - Mamba - http://store.razerzone.com/store/razerusa/en_US/pd/productID.169418100

Logitech - G9 - http://www.logitech.com/en-nz/mice_pointers/mice/devices/3053

Roccat - Kone - http://www.roccat.org/Products/Gaming-Mice/ROCCAT-Kone/

What would you go for and why?

i swear by razer (lachesis) but i heard a few ppl using roccat now and prefering that to razer…aint had a logitech for ages so dunno bout that

Although it’s not in your list the DeathAdder is still my favourite!

Out of those option I choose the G9 which i do use.
Good mouse but let down by crummy drivers which reset the onboard memory everytime you do a fresh install (not upgrade) of the drivers i.e format ahrd drive.

I will have to step in here and say none of them. Avoid G9 like the plague. New logitech g500 or deathadder would be my choice.

I would really like to try the new G5 hoping logitech can redeem themselves.

Don’t leave out the steelseries xai they put a lot of R & D into that mouse.

Steelseries xai.

Look it up, read about it, it wont dissapoint.

my mouse sucks

well after much though i think i might end up with the roccat kone mainly as it has left and right scrol lwhich is somethnig i am far too used too and could not really play without these days. other than that it was a call off between the xai and the imperator. sadly neither have left or right scroll. I belive the kone had issues when first released with the scroll but they have now long since been fixed.

Man playing games is so annoying at the moment with the g5’s power cuts getting more and more frequent and for longer periods of time. Annoyingly i cant just switch to my G7 as that intermittently looses its wireless connection to the pc some days more than others admittedly.

Another interesting mouse i spotted was the
CM Storm Sentinel



but not sure on it at all to be honest i dont know anyone thats used it.

Think of how unreliable your g5 is, mine are the same way.

Imagine a no name mouse.

Get the,

MX 518
Death adder.

Tested and true (xai pending some real ass whooping it’s still new who knows)

Teh Xai has thumb buttons on both sides of mouse do you accidently press the ones on the opposite side of your thumb?

Dont even use them though. Oh eccept for like sidescrolling in explorer or some shit.

If you like the shape and feel of the G5 you should try the G500 it is the same shape but has a better position for the sensitivity adjustments. I used to run the G9 and G9x and I do not like either because the shroud they use to give the mouse its shape creates a separation between you and the microswitch on the side buttons this means it does not press as crisp as a mouse button should and sometimes it would seem the button just did not get pressed at all. Also the scroll wheel is wicked on the G9 but you have to change its action on the bottom where the G500 puts the button on the top and has the G9/VX series scroll wheel button on the top. If your mouse has a cord that is messed up just call logitech they will send you a replacement for free. No matter what brand of mice I have cords get messed up. I have just come to realize that it is a wear item and to make sure I buy mice with 3+ year warranties and make good on them. On average I get 2 or 3 mice in the warranty period then I upgrade to a newer mouse when the warranty is up. Usually the problems with the old mice are minor and I pass them off to friends or family which do not game.

Yea the adjustment of the wheel on the botom is a bit funky but its not like I switch between freewheel and notchy in game so I can manage, besides freewhell is pretty much useless for gaming I think.
the thumb buttons do have play in them yes, I never really thought or noticed it much until you mentioned it.
I think I prefer the G9 shape though I went back to my 528 and couldnt deal with it it felt massive in my hand.