timing out frequently and or crashing

Hey all, my 2v2 partner has a really bad issue when it comes to steam timing out or crashing on him. It’s gotten beyond the point of just removing the ClientRegistry.blob file. I know theres a few other files to remove in order for a fresh update and get a clean slate going. Even if he has in-game disabled or logged offline the problem still occurs! HALP! :neutral_face:

Delete both blob files + steam.dll

I can offer no assistance other than this:


Delete system32

Reinstall steam?

“Delete system32”


Delete process explorer.

Check firewall/router settings: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=8571-GLVN-8711
Check hips/av apps for steam-related conflicts.

If not fixed:

Close steam.

Delete these folders from the hl2mp directory:

Delete all files and folders from the steam directory except:
steamapps folder

Delete any existing steam.exe shortcuts.
Create a new steam.exe shortcut and add -tcp to the target line.

Restart Steam.

Open steam community, verify correct download speed and location in view~downloads.

If still not fixed:

Set steam.exe process to: abovenormal
This will cause (possibly severe) performance issues ingame; use only as a last resort.

Thanks for those suggestions. I seem to lose connection to the VAC servers or whatever. Unfortunately this didn’t help. Hopefully it helped Herb or Herb’s friend.

Have you checked the connection itself. Is he running over a wireless connection? Has he tried connecting his computer directly to the modem then backing out one device at a time to see if he can isolate the problem to a particular network connection.

I just helped a cousin who could not play MW2 on his PS3 with friends because he was connecting through a wireless connection. We dropped a ethernet line strait to his room from the router and everything was solved. I can’t believe how many people now days run off garbage wireless connections. His ping cut in half and his bandwidth doubled going with a hard wire.

Because ISPs are promoting it like its the best thing since sliced bread. “Get rid of the ugly wires, go anywhere in the house”,yadda yadda.
People are stupid enough to believe it and to believe that something as communication/connection intensive as a game is going to work over air.

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