Trigger_Teleport no longer works in HL2DM


only maps pre-OB have working teles but you can’t create a new map with one.
Trigger_Telekinesis anyone?

lol. :-\

??? no problems here. just made a testbox,and its working perfect.

not for me it doesn’t sry

Something must be screwy Val cause they work for me as well.


I know that triggers still can’t teleport weapons after the OB update.
I think I tryed a work around sometime back for you Valar as you wanted a RPG to be teleported or something.
I’ve got this 100% working now (weapons can be teleported and have fall physics)

I don’t feel like explaining so I’ll post the .vmf tomorrow for download. :wink:

Wow, you’ll be king! Thanks mate :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote="[EYE] Valar"]
Wow, you’ll be king! Thanks mate :stuck_out_tongue:


Download .BSP and .VMF

Enjoy :sunglasses:

You could also edit the .vmf so you have another button but on the ground and a trigger.
So on button pressed it could enable the trigger that has a output of on “press” for white sqaure button.

trigger_multiple name
time 0sec

trigger_multiple name
time 0.10sec

trigger_multiple (start disabled)
web_fly_button_1 (<-- note this is the white sqaure button name)
time 0sec

So instead of shooting the white sqaure buttons you use a ground button to enable them instead for items to get teleported. :wink: