Tutorial - My First Ever HL2DM Map

Sounds like you’ve caught the mapping bug! :smiley: Valar did a very good job making this tutorial simple to understand, but a few things you always forget to mention.

Think I’ll make a video tutorial, showing how some of the tools work a bit better. Not that Valar didn’t explain it good…but visualy seeing what to do is sometimes easier.

bio, dude! that would be awesome if you did that! that’s the whole idea…ppl coming in and adding each their own touch…great! :wink:

Bump coz I’m gonna gives it a go.

wOooooooooooOOt !! ! :mrgreen:

hi valar,
seems to be a well done tutorial, great work :slight_smile:

There was one step I could not follow really or I didn’t understand it properly:

  • You are using the transformation window to rotate brushes?

You are able to rotate it in your 2d views as well, just select your brush, select it a 2nd time and you’ll notice a circle on every corner of your brush.
now simply drag any of those circles (bug: your cursor will be invisible since some update, thx to valve…) and rotate the brush, by default it will rotate
your brush in 15 degree steps - when additionally holding down you will be able to choose any angle you want.

I am using that tranformation window only for one purpose: If I want to move something (a model) less than 1 unit (cause the origins of some models were placed really bad…)

Both options appear useful to me. Transformation gives you the option of rotating an object on any axis a specific number of degrees. Is there any way of knowing how many degrees you rotated it as you drag it?

of course there is… the only advantage using the transformation window is imo: you can do a rotation simultaneously across all 3 axes…

but believe me WT, you won’t need any “special” rotation stuff in hammer, you’ll mainly rotate a brush(group) for 45°/90°/180°.
And when placing stuff like props/items you will rotate them “randomly” (for example you got 5 barrels: wouldn’t look good if they face all the same direction!)

€: Here another example that you can also use the “flip-feature” of VHE (this often can help you saving time since you’ve to press only 1 or 2 shortcuts)

Oh cool, thanks.

Valar, thanks a bunch for this. Learned a few things. I like the idea of using transform/rotate for cloned brushes. I usually just manually rotate the brush, or use the flip horizontal/vertical.
Great! Now we should all play this killbox and PWN each other!!!111one.

I was curious about what you did after buildcubemaps. After building the cubemaps, why not just type
map dm_mapname in console and hit enter? That seems to produce the same result.

not quite. cubemaps tend to mess up more often than not. dont ask me way…
this is how i do it anyway…you’ll find 2,000,000 views for that in here :wink:

Excellent tutorial, I’ve looked through quite a few tutorials and this is probably the best I have found for learning the basics. Best thing about it is that it is relevant purely to HL2:DM unlike most of the other tutorials I found. The one problem I had with it was that I could not make anything out when everything was textured with the ‘nodraw’ texture in the 3D view. It sounds silly but I couldn’t even see where the walls met each other so instead I textured the walls before I started adding other stuff. In your screenshots it looked fine but it was completely different in Hammer for me.

Here are a few screenshots of my first map:

Once I learnt the basics taught in this tutorial I started discovering other things and I’ve understood a lot more pretty quickly. :wink:
While I’m here, how do I get the crazy orb thingbobs that are in the centre of dm_killbox_kbh maps? :confused:
Also, does anyone know of a good tutorial about putting custom decals in your maps?
Hello by the way! :smiling_imp:

I believe there is a example included in hammer of this thing. Select the entity tool, then somewhere u have a box which says “categories” with a dropdown menu. In this menu, select “prefabs”. Then in the dropdown menu, below the first one, named “objects”, select the one called " combine ball spawner". Then click in the 3d view of hammer and a ballspawner should appear. U can study it and rebuild it (select it and press ctrl+u to ungroup it), and i bet there are better ways for going at this, but i am not an experienced mapper and this is how i did it :blush:
Other way is to decompile the kbh map and look for yourself. How to decompile a map

Nope, i suggested you go and visit the sites listed in the stickied topics of this forum (like interlopers and the valve developers community)
link to topic with usefull sites

So, I can’t apply any textures. I’m not really sure why. I open the face editing tool and try to select a face, but it doesn’t work. Also, I tried to use the the Nodraw texture like you suggested at the beginning, it didn’t apply that one either. ><
I just kept building and now I have this big, wonderful, Killbox wireframe :cry:

Anyone have any ideas?

sounds like you have the camera to wireframe instead of shaded textured polygons

simply click on the work “camera” in your camera box (top left) and a drop down menu will appear, then select “shaded textured polygons”

Hahaha, TY Jelly.
Gotta love Newb mistakes. :smiley:

Might want to throw that in the tut though, in case there are others like me.

lol, same newb mistake happened to me :smiley:

thanks valor for the tutorial, beef sent me it a few days ago and i just tried it. unfortunately, my map crashed while placing the jump/pad.

cool tutorial though!

cheers mate. check out my Spelling Tutorials also :laughing:
jk, glad you found it useful.