Unlocking items locked in stairwells

Hello everyone. I’m hoping you can help, as I have a serious problem. I’m having a problem on the socal servers with two players who are locking items in the stairwells on the overwatch map. Once the items are locked in to place no one can use the stairs.

Does anyone know how to unlock objects once they are locked into place ?

Your help is very much appreciated.

perma ban problem fixed.

Well I am not an “admin” in the traditional sense, rather just a reporter of hacking, etc. and am reliant upon an active admin to ban folks which he chooses not to. His right, his server. Anyone with a technique for unlocking items, rather than banning ?

Thank you in advance.

There is nothing you can do for this. Once the items are in physlock they cant be moved. Even an RPG hit wont dislodge them. The game thinks they are one solid object. Its a quirk of the game engine.

if you stare really hard at them, while pounding f10, they’ll all suddenly become free.


when i was on Socal this guy Soap McTavish was phys locking the steps. luckily i killed him so many times while he was trying to do that he quit, but he’s obviously an offender. teh permabans imo

What’s the ip so I can join in on this phys locking trend? :smiling_imp:

The Soap McTavish from mw2??? that guys a legend.

mw2 has been out for like 3 months, how is anyone from that game a legend?

Soap is also a character from the original MW. Probably just someone using the name from the game.

Nah, it was the real Soap, I read his bio and he said he was a massive fan of the Half Life series