Video Guide (Advanced)

Really nice job. It seems very similar to anx guide though :o
Anyway, I guess I can’t tell the difference, I didn’t read it all, don’t have much time.
But I’ll surely check it out some other day :D
Thanks for all the effort !

Awesome, that’s why you modified the movie.cfg? Great man !

Edit: Somehow my options are different, I can’t see that “Closed GOV” option in Xvid.
Also, I can’t find the “advanced options”…any idea?

[code:1khd3i8n] Hit okay. Back in your main XviD Configuration Window:

-Encoding Type: Twopass - 1st pass

Hit "Advanced Options..."

In new window’s Motion tab, use these settings:

Thanks for the info holy. I’m compressing right now. If everything works fine I’ll upload the vid.
Btw…you might wanna update your guide :)

Stickied, and I do plan to add this to the official curriculum eventually.

I cannot find such a control panel for my video card. I have an ATI Mobility Radeon X1600, and I am running Vista, if anyone can help me find these controls. Thanks.

I don’t have ati, so I can’t help you much. Maybe try downloding your latest drivers.
Anyway, that step isn’t VERY important. I mean, as long as you have everything maxed out in-game, there should be no problem.

Yeah, I think you’re right. Thanks.

I dont have ATI but when I did I remember there were two downloads, one which was the basic driver and one that was driver and control panel, so download that one.

ok so I’m following all these steps exactly, and my vid keeps coming out looking like shit. like im doing everything right, but i was thinking, for the encoding options in megui your screens are no longer hosted, can you tell me what i should set things to there? i mean it comes out AWEFUL!!! though the filesize reduces dramatically… :confused:
edit: i got it to look decent by increasing bitrate to 3000, also is there anything else i should do? check the box marked “lossless” perhaps?

what resolution are you recording at? if it is 1280x768 (or 760) use bitrates of 5000 and above… I used 5400 for my unwonted movie, and 5200 for the lsd one.
if you mark the lossless filesize will be probably huge…

ah thanks onty! I am recording at 1280x1024. I guess I’ll increase the bitrate and see what happens! :slight_smile:

haha np.
Try to look for the optimal bitrate… Like for instance there is nearly no difference between using 7000 and 10000 as bitrate, but the second one will have a bigger size, so there is no point to exceed to much.
Remember to do both x264 and Xvid versions … for x264 I’d say that … 5600 - 6000 should work really fine … haven’t tried that resolution so I’m not sure… try !

Update the pictures they have been deleted :frowning:

yup the last ones…
Also guide says to record pressing right arrow, while it is LEFT arrow (30 fps)
Nutri-Grain and Zman had problems with this… I foresee more people having =/

wow… almost makes me want to get good enough to make a video! great guide… did you have to buy any third party software to do some of the stuff you have… I saw adobe premier, I suppose I’ll need to shell out for a $2k CS3 package.

you can find those things for free if you but take the time to look young grasshopper.


while i been doing “no fear” i found some tutorials that may be useful to some of u.
Its pretty good covers the basic but holy shows it better in more detail but it shows u how to do basic editing in Sony Vegas near the end and has some great links to tutorials on photoshop and vegas, after effects etc for those that want to push the boat out on their frag vid.

the links that are at the end are great if u want to get creative man Im pretty good at photoshop and i found so stuff here that even i did not know how to do.

thanks for posting it, it will surely be useful for the people working on their vids ^^

Pls, edit the links at the end. They are dead :confused:

Thanks for the guide =)