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yay ! good to know you finally fixed this
you forgot one thing though

hit the right arrow on your keyboard to change your recording rate to 30fps

it’s LEFT arrow for 30 fps.
recording at 90 is good for slow mo’s and motion blur effects though ^^

np holy ! did you ever get my pm though? I thought it was a good idea :frowning: it’s fine if you don’t want though…

I done all the editing for the raw trailer. But im having trouble rendering it out on sony vegas. I using the right settings from the guides i have. But past 20% of rendering I get a error that there is a problem either with access right which i do have and memory which i have 120Gb of free space on my portable harddrive and its only 2min long so it should only get 8Gb in size which i know I have.
Help needed.

are you rendering TO the portable HDD? maybe you didn’t check the output and are rendering the your C:\ HDD :confused:

well i am saving to portable drive and set the pre-rendering to that drice as well. Is there a other output you are talking about because those are the only one I know of save and pre-render folder


did a bit of googling and apparently all my renders are maxed at Gb 3.99. Which apprently means im using a FAT32 drive and that i need to render on a NTFS drive for more. Sounds strange to me that that a program like this would have this limitation
I pretty worried about this because all three drives i have are FAT format.

Which means i have to reformat one or more likely convert it. Not sure if i should do this i could loss Gb 130 of valuable work if anything goes wrong.

ill do a little bit more searching before i do anything. Also onty what storage format did u render the avi file to.

Yeah I had that problem, I bought a 500 GB external to render to and found out it was FAT. I had to move all my shit from my PC to the external so I could use my C: drive for the render instead. Then after it was all compressed I moved everything back.

that good to hear at least im know that this is the problem. well I have three drives main drive is 80Gb that is allmost full and my backup is 30Gb that is also full but its a NTFS and my portable which is 250 which is half way full.

I would move all my files to a other stored device and reformat it to NTFS but don’t have any space for it so i will have to move everything from backup onto the portable and do all the rendering on there.

I will have to get another hard drive for the full 90Gb for the full video when i completed it.

I have never had an issue using convert.exe to convert a FAT drive to NTFS. Done maybe 5-7 drives that way.

The limitation isn’t in a specific program but rather in the design of the file system and the size integer (16, 32, 64 bit) that they use to store information in.

If you are rendering to uncompressed AVI you may also try rendering to a losslessly compressed AVI (Huffyuv or Lagarith). They typically cut the size of the file in half with no loss in quality which may allow your render to sneak in under the 4 GB limit.

what about the pros and cons of the x264 codec?

EDIT: I tried to record some frags as an experiment and I came across some unexpected results:
1- no .tga’s were saved. (I had some .tga files when recording with another movie.cfg I found around here somewhere)

2- when I press F6 or F7 nothing happens, and I get a “couldn’t exec movie/menu.cfg” and a “couldn’t exec movie/sourcetvmenu.cfg”.
Should I get those files somewhere and put them in a \movie folder?

2- when I press F6 or F7 nothing happens, and I get a “couldn’t exec movie/menu.cfg” and a “couldn’t exec movie/sourcetvmenu.cfg”.
Should I get those files somewhere and put them in a \movie folder?

Place them on the cfg folder. They aren’t really important though…

thanks all !
It will be very useful for me

Yes, they were very helpful.
If you have any more doubts, try this topic aswell

F6 is the menu telling you all the binds so i think that is important.

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