Weapons and how you use them

I firgure some ppl might enjoy this

  1. What weapon do you go directly to once you spawn?
  2. What prop will you drop everything for?
  3. When you have every weapon, what do u have out?
  4. what helped you the most to kill ppl fast in hl2dm?

When i spawn normaly i go for the shotgun first, I normaly use it to finish everything with or at least extend the fight. I make it a habbit to almost never use 3 double barrels in a row. Always trying to keep one in the chamber just in-case. So i’ll use the first two shot as double barrel mode trying to make the second one count as much as possible

i’ll drop anything for a sawblade,small propane tank, or the car engine

If i have every weapon I’ll run with the xbow out, i never reload it, if i miss i’ll switch to the 357, if i hit i’ll switch to the shotgun. I am in no way scared to use the RPG no matter what you call me, but if it doesn’t finish you i’ll switch to the shotgun/smg (pistol if it’s long range) to end it thus streching my RPG ammo.

IMO the last technique you learn in this game is to switch to your GGun if someone backs up past a item and you take them out with it. Being able to notice items away from the fight helps when it’s nade or CBs coming to you that are away from the fight.

Remeber even thou that bug that makes it “look” like the item isn’t in your GGUn you can blast it away like it was. Mastering the Flick of the GGun, will get you some kills and help save you from items/nades/CBs

Like my key cfg i messed around with what order to use certain weapons at certain times, and like the key cfg it has increased my killing power, and i pretty much do the same techniques each time.

This is great advice from an advanced player. Excellent post nino.

Personally it depends on the map. I will usually go for the nearest power weapon (rpg, ar2 with orbs, mag) and then back it up with smg nades and shotgun for the medium / short range finish.

I also like to lead with the crossbow and try not to fire more than one shot with it, although when I’m tired I catch myself firing more lol.

Deciding to pick up a prop is all about context for me. In a tight map I will run around with a sawblade instead of having the crossbow out for sure, but sometime I like to have an orb in the chamber to give a strong player something to think about while I try to land the mag or smg nades.

In a pub, crossbow is definitely my fast killer. Too many players running around with no armor means I can get kill after kill after kill. Against tougher players there is no one thing, it usually takes a good combo or some deception to get the kill versus a hard target.

  1. What weapon do you go directly to once you spawn?
    Depends on the map and where I spawn, mag is my fave, then smg secondaries for close range, that combo covers short and far distance, but by all means I dont pass up a single weapon on my way to one of those.

  2. What prop will you drop everything for?
    Sawblades are awsome, hard to see and catch.

  3. When you have every weapon, what do u have out?
    xbow or mag, xbow usually pops them in the air or stops thier forward movement, leaving them stationary for an easy mag, shotty or smg secondary, If I miss I’ll go for the smg secondary, anything to hinder thier movement and cause them to be stagnant for a mag or shotty kill.

  4. what helped you the most to kill ppl fast in hl2dm? In ctf servers (not the mod, just filter for ctf maps) you get ALL the weapons, so if you’re weak with the xbow or another weapon, this is the place to spam it, or if you want to get your mag aim down patent, good place to practice.

  1. Whatevers closest. Im comfortable with all weapons and will use whatever i manage to find. Given a choice, though, id prefer orbs/slams on a maze map, rpg on a medium range map and mag on a long range map.

  2. Zombie Gibbler on pretty much any map that isnt ultra long range- used correctly its uncatchable, always instagibs and can rip through several opponents at once. In a maze map ill generally choose to lead with a sawblade over anything else, with small propane tanks, cinderblocks, harpoons and rollerspikes ranking close behind- anything small and fatal.

  3. One of the above props. Assuming they arent available, ill generally lead with xbow in pubs for the easy 1 hit kills. In a match, whatever seems best at the time- depends on opponent(s), map and situation.

  4. Learning to switch weapons quickly and accurately in combat. This allows for great combos, a strong blend of offensive and defensive play and keeps me killing at all ranges. Whenever i see a player try to fire more than 1 xbow bolt in a row, or fail to follow up a landed smgnade with a shotgun blast, i know theyre likely still using slots or wheeling their weapons changes, and it often costs them the battle.

Depends on the map and where I spawn. The xbow is definitely my favorite weapon (along with grav-nades), but on maps with a lot of armor, it’s not as useful Take swamplight, for example, there I think you’re best off running the narrow corridors with sawblades or propane cannisters. On lostvillage, even though there is a lot of armor, I still like the xbow with a shotgun finisher. Overwatch is a good xbow map because there is hardly any armor, but if I spawn in the basement, I usually stay put for a while and throw some physics around. On long distance sniper maps, the xbow is again less useful, and the mag is the way to go. On maps with lots of props, physics is the way to go. On biohazard, I pretty much use nothing but physics. Also use a lot of physics on lockdown and resistance. I like the rpg on zeta, resistance, and overwatch.

It also depends on my connection. Some days I have so much lag and choke I can’t seem to hit anyone even from point blank range. Then, I go for physics and splash weapons.

I don’t use the mag much at all. Can’t seem to hit anything with it.

  1. Mag, smg nades
  3. Mag, smg (nades)
  4. Probably good ol grav gun


Actually, today I was using mostly
Mag → shotty
smg nade → shotty
and finding that quite successful in racking up quick kills (on lockdown)
Longer range maps, the 9mm is usually my finisher.

Oh, and why all the crossbow lovers? That thing is so hard to use except on low grav killboxes

Crossbow is a good follow up weapon from a SMG nade, nade RP I use it quite alot. Aim it right and they get flicked into the air slightly and cannot move so easy target.

Yeah, but if they’re an easy to hit target (not to mention injured) a mag or shotgun is much easier to finish them with than a crossbow. I think you people just like the satisfying feeling of launching corpses across the map

What a necro.

Isn’t the general consensus in agreement that today’s metagame prioritizes SMG nades > all? (with odd exceptions like spawning near RPG in Caverns or something)

Not necessarily. I’m still in the old player type of “SMG NADES/SPAM” is bad. But I don’t call people out on it. I’ve prided myself on my ability to avoid smg nades. I’m still in the mag/xbow type player because I like to know that I am still using skill. :wink:

Shit I didn’t even notice that. My bad for continuing to post

I go for the Magnum and die holding it while getting the old double barrel Bhop face shot.
It’s fun.

Seriously, shotty and either Mag/Bow and spam, stock some nades, get that Orb Shooter spammer, try for the RPG and whore that thing.
And i always make sure my smg nade spam hits something right in front of me.
Wouldn’t want to be accused of spam too much.

Actually, i like the physics and crowbar if i can get away with it.
Saves the old ammo.
Cheap kills are the most satisfying.



Bot necro post and derp mode replies deleted.

Keep the spam and useless crap to the cafeteria thanks!


I’m the combine on caverns who gets smg naded and shottied, under my pokemon hl2dm name lol.

I feel so special :3

  1. What weapon do you go directly to once you spawn?

usually extra gernades because they are everywhere.

  1. What prop will you drop everything for?

awesome saw blades in dm_octagon

  1. When you have every weapon, what do u have out?


  1. what helped you the most to kill ppl fast in hl2dm?

if you get 1 hit with either the mag or crossbow its usually only take 1 more shotgun shot to kill them. So learning to use the shotty as finishing gun

  1. What weapon do you go directly to once you spawn?

  2. What prop will you drop everything for?

  3. When you have every weapon, what do u have out?

  4. what helped you the most to kill ppl fast in hl2dm?

  5. usually i go for the shotty, but if it’s a killbox map then i go for whatever is closest

  6. explosive barrel, if i’m standing next to one, i dont want it next to me even if i’m not throwing it at someone, exploding it makes sure it wont explode me.

  7. shotgun, it’s just comfortable, i prefer to skate closer to someone and use it on them and then resort to xbow, if that doesn’t reload my shotty for me i go to stun stick. the reason: i can’t aim, so starting off with xbow or .357 over medium or long range would probably get me killed.

  8. granade + shotty combo, if there is a convenient bunch of noobs in one spot i can kill about three in a nade and then follow up 2 or 3 more with shotty

  1. What weapon do you go directly to once you spawn?
    I usually go for the nearest weapon but it really depends on the map and if it a 3v3,2v2 or 1v1. That does make a huge difference if it a 1v1 I might have time to be picky on what weapon I go far but obviously that depends if I spawn near them. I if I got time I go far a mag or shotty usually the mag my all time choice since I have a chance to drop the player in one well placed hit no matter how much suit or health they got.
    If its a team game I usually pick up any weapon that leads me away from the action I never like going into a fight without a decent weapon.

  2. What prop will you drop everything for?
    I think saw blade would be a good prop but none of the euro maps at the time I was playing had them. As for other props well I never like carrying them since I feel vulnerable to attack since most like the barrel or others block your view. But radiator is a good compromise I might say.

  3. When you have every weapon, what do u have out?
    As most know I am a mag whore always mag well almost. I kinda switch it up depending on where I am like tight corridors I use shotguns as for medium to long distances it magnum followed by crossbow. But I really don’t have a set choice depends on how I am feeling at the time, always rotate my weapons when I got everything don’t want to run out of magnum ammo.

  4. what helped you the most to kill ppl fast in hl2dm?
    mag+shotty I pretty much worked out that my chances of hitting someone in the first two shots is pretty good so it always good to finish them off with a shotty at close range. well actually that getting kills easy not really multi kill material so might as well go for trusty spam spam spam=rpg,smg nads, grenades or orbs.

Thanks for answering my question SND.