Weapons and how you use them

:blush: ohh dear would you look at that.

tbh I only read the first few replies at the top and cba to read the rest. I blame the guys before me for replying :wink: plus I don’t think I was here three years ago.

haha np. I saw it and was like… I said that?

The title of the thread makes me :laughing:

But there is some good info in here

Anyone who’s played me recently;

SMG nade.

Don’t get too close to people cause shotgun will rape your face and you can’t shotgun with 110 ping.

reviving dead topics…^^

  1. What weapon do you go directly to once you spawn?

depends on map and nearest weapon… but im a mag whore 4 sure as u call it :wink:

  1. What prop will you drop everything for?

sawblade, tiles and if its in the map… melons & the cactus XD

  1. When you have every weapon, what do u have out?

crossbow… i really suck with it but if i hit and he survives the shotty does the rest

  1. what helped you the most to kill ppl fast in hl2dm?

grav-nades ftw… i cannot imagine how i played without em

I like to aim weapons and shoot them. They work best when aiming.
Also, lob spam everywhere and nades into corners and bolts around corners. That is fun and it’s Pot Luck.
I am a Whore Whore. Any kill will do. The cheapest stupidest sneaky kill is usually best.
Anybody can hop around being good.
It takes real skill to hang and be bad.