What about if hl2dm includes some mods in?

Half-Life 2: Capture The Flag
Half-Life 2: Sourceforts

If valve can take this mods or some more inside of dm?
It’d be like quake, ut, it would attract more people.
What do you think?

I don’t understand.

Yes, it would be nice to have an official ctf mode at least. Not sure about sourceforts. Not likely to happen however, too much work for Valve I think.

Well considering CTF is pretty much dead now and I think source forts is not as popular as it was I don’t think it would do much. Both of those mods are free anyway.

I knew you gonna say that about sourceforts :slight_smile: It was an example.

Anyway CTF-maps are exist in hl2dm, but they’re so primitive, i mean flag, you should get it by gravygun, and score counting … it looks like … like smth that should never look like that :smiley:

If there were real flags, i guess that’s much better

HL2CTF is so dead now. I used to play that competitively, but now nobody plays.

I wish that cal ctf would come back. ctf is the shit! very fun!!

TF2 is the new CTF. Not the same I know, but thats what everyone is playing now.

TF2 imo sucks, i just dont like the gameplay =/

I just can’t stand pubbing it. I want to kill my teammates much of the time.

i loike team deathcrash. Luv it. play it several times a day.

I grew up on hl2dm ctf probley one of the key parts that got me into the game pubbing as a newbie was horrible in regular death match.
The CTF mod did not work as the same reason why hl2dm pro mod has not got so popular its way out of the mainstream and the server available are not so good like i could hardly find a decent server on ctf mod or pro mod.
But if we had it packaged in hl2dm im sure more people would play give different form of game play attracts more players because they can find something that they like. For example co-op maps and two ctf server in Europe are still busy and gets new guys into the game most of raw first started off on ctf server which eventually they got into proper deathwatch. I could only see positives from this but as usual would value put the time in to do something like this and keep bugs out. My tho is they to busy with other games they are developing and see no reason why they would build a mode into this game.

Minute ago i played DMPRO (Mostly Pro mod is not for me, i cant explain why. And not so long time to release Black Mesa Source: Deathmatch. It’ll be more exciting 100%!), CTF and SOURCEFORTS mods.
They are too different of HL2DM. Amazingly that i found some guys over there. I asked if they play hl2dm sometime.
They said no more. - Why? - Just we like this walljump in ctf.
I see reasons to add ctf-gaming into hl2dm.
Maybe we should ask valve to solve that question.
I dont know about walljumps in hl2dm, but this kind of guys will return to it, cos of kind of game they want to play, and futhermore i guess they will invite others too.

I really enjoy the domination mode in HL2:CTF. Its deathmatch with a teamplay kick. Keep the flag longer then the other team.

HL2:CTF isnt dead btw. Its just really slow because we havent released anything for quite sometime, but the final version should be out within a month or 2. It has some major improvements coming as well.

Valve would never consider HL2:CTF to be added in with HL2DM though, because they cant stand the speed of the game. They admitted that when they played the HL2:CTF team in a match back in the day. Its quite obvious they prefer slow play with what they did with TF2. Had they really cared about HL2DM, bhopping would of been removed from the equation long ago.

Would be pretty bad ass… but ya too much work for valve.

Like I tried to tell hl2dmpro, make it a serverside plug-in. But they couldn’t do everything they wanted with just a server side plug-in.