What I would like to see from a frag video

Killstreaks, sneaky maneuvers and pure ownage.

I have looked at alot of frag vids, they dont seem to provide this.

Come on where are the kill streaks?

Who has the best kill streak.


are you talking about modern warfare2?



I agree… most frag vids only show epic pwnage kills → edit & cut… where’s the shopping sprees and ownage over many kills? Shunnyboy’s frag vids are a good example of this :slight_smile:.

the kill streak thing doesnt make any sense. a good frag vid is showing of kills sequenced in an entertaining way. to show a kill streak you would have to use a lot of “nonkill” time in between. that would be a waste. if you made it to jump from one kill to another during that kill streak then thats essentially the samething a normal frag vid. the other reason why you dont see this is because most of the frag vids are made by comp style players from comp matches which are never played on servers that award these kill streaks.

Theres a lot of 5man deag, or 4k’s (CSS), editors makes it that it seems fast and that the player killed them really fast, but actually its not (Velocity Control), so i guess its all about edit.

obviously if you play a random 15 vs 1, you’ll get a spree (not considering the staged frags).

also…it’s all about on how impressive the streaks are, because is not the same killing 10 guys with the rpg (lame) or killing 2-3 guys with nice airshots, which is hard to do due the mechanism of the game.

i personally like a sick-leet well edited shot instead a repetitive spree with the same weapon.


1v1 me and I’ll show you a 15 minute long killstreak.

Kill streaks don’t really have a place in many frag videos in any game. Quad run clips in Quake videos work well because they don’t drag on and the kills can still be impressive. Showing kill streaks in most games would be much longer clips and the video would be boring. Watch a demo if you want to see kill streaks

lololololol noone noticed I said shopping sprees instead of killing sprees… I would like to see a vid of Deathwish shopping around for a new set of shoes :smiley:

Or a $70 mouse :wink:


You want to see a really decent frag vid with some “kill streaks” in it?

Part 1

Part 2

Nuff Said. Enjoy.

Why don’t you make one.

Pubbin’ ain’t easy.

genocide, pub or no pub, thats a really awesome vid, ty :stuck_out_tongue: oh and lol @2nd vid, 1:01!
random xbow shots, no matter how awesome they may seem will never be as impressive as 1 awesome xbow in a killstreak. those can be EASILY staged and/or lucky shots and looks like no one has any suit ever, unlike in this vid!
I, too, am a fan of killstreak vids, pseudo :stuck_out_tongue: like i said, wrong place, wrong time

off-topic but anytime i see new posts in this thread im afraid that its a new video from shun with massive smg-nade shotgun combos :blush: