whats your key config?

ive read through the curriculum and can do most of the advanced movements now i feel like i am limited by my key config. i have mostly default [wasd] with surrounding keys set as weapons,
also i am having some problems with speed skating. do i hold strafe key on initial jump or only on the overbounces?

all default :o
Well, I use a few weapon binds- C for mag, F for xbow, X for rpg, and Z for pulserifle. I find that this config lets me instantly switch to any weapon I want…or need at least.

You hold strafe key on the initial strafe jump in combination with forward, then use both strafe keys to steer while bouncing, depending on which way you want to go. If you havent watched seagulls vid yet I recommend it (see training vids).

use strafing as much as possible, One thing to remeber is to let go of foward after you take off

Completely custom except WASD.

WASD=movement keys
caps lock=sprint
1=pistol (I’ve found that crowbor is useless in scrims and 1v1s unless you are completely dominating someone and just want to humiliate them. And I don’t need a second key for grav gun.)

custom for the most part

started with custom and just worked my keys to the point where each has it’s own place. I moved them one by one while pubbing and increased my killing power and movement speed, each time i got use to the key.

wasd - movement
e - duck
r - use
q - slot 5
cap lock - slot 1
shift - sprint
f - crossbow
1 - pistol
m - Combine Model
n - Rebel Model

mouse3 - reload
mousewheelup - 357
mousewheeeldown - shotgun
mouse4 - slot 3
mouse5 - GGun

Mine is pretty much the HLDM University config with some added extras.



Numpad_Enter - Show scores
Ctrl - Voice chat
Y/U - Chat/Team chat
M - Combine model
N - Rebel model
I - Timeleft

Mouse 1 - Primary fire
Mouse 2 - Secondary fire
Mouse 3 - Use
Mouse wheelup - AR2
Mouse wheeeldown - SMG
Mouse 4 - Sprint
Mouse 5 - Prev Wep

That’s whack man?

Why W as crowbar?!?!

and 1 looks so far away for the pistol.

And why m3 as use?!?!

Man…Bhop would be hard with that set…
I have all default, except for weapon binds around the WSAD movement keys.

Z=Pulse Rifle
G=Gravity Gun
6=Other pistol
Mouse sensitivity is 4.0

Remember it’s not config so I don’t know why weapons have been assigned where they have been, all I know is I like it :P

maybe Walking Target will be able to answer your questions more in-depth.

[quote=“badinfluence”:x7w9mv4s]That’s whack man?

[color=blue:x7w9mv4s]Is thats a question? what does it mean?[/color:x7w9mv4s]

Why W as crowbar?!?!

[color=blue:x7w9mv4s]Why not?
it could probably be used for a more effective weapon, yeah! but it’s good for rabbit punching (yo-yo-ing) while moving, don’t forget I’m still learning so if you’ve got a better suggest let me know :)[/color:x7w9mv4s]

and 1 looks so far away for the pistol.

[color=blue:x7w9mv4s]Yeah it is quite far, but my pinky finger can get it no problem, also 2 is still defaulted to wep cat 2 so I can still get the pistol with that.[/color:x7w9mv4s]

And why m3 as use?!?!

[color=blue:x7w9mv4s]I find it works quite well in instances where you need to act quickly, like being ambushed while charging up your suit, seen as your fingers are still sitting on the movement keys and your thumb on the sprint, whilst you’ve got a radiator in the GGun.[/color:x7w9mv4s]

[quote="epic":x7w9mv4s]Man…Bhop would be hard with that set.[/quote:x7w9mv4s]

Really? How come?

[quote="epic":33zfazbt]Man…Bhop would be hard with that set…

it’s all what you get use to

and jelly is w crowbar or slot1 ?

i find slot1 slot3 and slot 5 to be easier then having these 3 buttons be 7 buttons , but thats me, because i only need to pull out the 357/xbow/shotgun on the fly , althou slot1 is still straight to the crowbar/stunstick and if i need a nade i must not have any other weapons so it goes striaight to it.

SMG/AR2 is easy enough to toggle threw and a quick double press lets me know how many smg_nades/CBs i have

althou jelly has moved his movement keys so he has more buttons to use on the keyboard. Just a thought, i switched it up like this so i could move some movement keys to a better place for me.

[quote=“badinfluence”:2wuc90j1]That’s whack man?

Why W as crowbar?!?!

and 1 looks so far away for the pistol.

And why m3 as use?!?![/quote:2wuc90j1]

Read the course. It was written by me, and I scoured several clan websites looking for config info before writing it. I tried to compile the most logical config I could based on all the info I had about advanced play and reducing reaction time.


I am happy to change it if you can give me logical reasons for why those positions are bad. M3 for use is actually very smooth. For example, you can strafe jump towards a door and hit use to open it all without taking your fingers off any of your movement keys. You also have full access to all movement keys while charging. If you use default "E" for use, you cannot strafe right without moving your finger back first. The only reason I can think of for not putting it on M3 is that you might want to use your mouse wheel for some other purpose.

1 is not so far away when it’s a direct bind with fastswitch on. How many pistol kills are you getting in a real match anyway?

The course recommends slot 1 with fast switch for melee, which Jelly likely has. Why not use W if it’s free and your movement keys are ESDF? Melee is one of the weapons you absolutely need to be able to draw quickly if you are going to use it at all. The course assumes you have either a standard mouse, or a mouse with only the extra thumb button. If you have more you can put it on your mouse, just bear in mind that if you ever play in a competition where you are not allowed to bind those extra buttons, you might be screwed. This config is written with that in mind.


W - Crowbar
1 - Piston
2 - Slot 2

Also by moving the movement keys you can feel where F is with your index finger so you’ll never (well…I say never) get mixed up with what keys are where.

Ok, I do have logical reasons for why W should not be crowbar around that config.

Please tell me when you are going get close enough to use a crowbar against a good player. Considing pistol does 29 damage for headshot and you can use it farther away. That’s 4 more dmg than crowbar and a lot more lenghth.

That use idea is actually very very good idea. I’m too use to E though.

[quote:3bf15o5s] 1 is not so far away when it’s a direct bind with fastswitch on. How many pistol kills are you getting in a real match anyway? [/quote:3bf15o5s]

You’d be suprised when you hit someone almost directly with a nade and they are too far for SMG. Plus, I’m just not a big fan of SMG in general…a perference for me…I would also like to see how many melee kills you get! :)

I just don’t see a point for melee in a scrim.

About Jelly Fox, I don’t see why pistol is all the way at 1 when X is open. I think RPG is too far away too.

[quote:3bf15o5s] Melee is one of the weapons you absolutely need to be able to draw quickly if you are going to use it at all [/quote:3bf15o5s]

I don’t see why anyone would use melee if it isn’t for fun.

All in my opinion.

Hehe, look for the double stunstick kill in my upcoming frag video from a CAL 2v2 match. Hmmm now who were we playing? Oh that’s right…Axon! ;)

Of course it’s all personal preference and play style. The HL2DMU courses stress that these are recommendations and you should adjust to taste.

pish posh, you didn’t get me!

you should play tmx they are crazy good with the stunstick

and boneless has stunsticked every good player in NA

once i moved my melee key to caps lock i’d get at least 1 melee kill per round

[quote=“badinfluence”:39aqsaag]pish posh, you didn’t get me![/quote:39aqsaag]

Pish posh? :shock:

It was the season amp match that you did not participate in. Ko was keeping em busy in the rpg area so I was able to drop in and say hi. :lol:

Ah good you didn’t get me. :D

Prepare to go like "HOLE SHIET NO WAY!"

Movement: ARROWS!!!
Shotgun: Num4
Gravgun: Num1
Sprint: Num0
Reload: Num7
Use: Enter
Jump: R shift
Crouch: R CTRL
Lastweap: PgDown
Mag: Del
Xbow: End
Smg/Ar2: mouse3

i got big hands, works good for me :]