why does no one play killbox with these settings:

sv_gravity 400
sv_friction 3
sv_accelerate 20
sv_airaccelerate 70000 (this is what is set in a server I know, read below. May not be needed such amount, I dunno)


Everyone (except in those noobish servers with 300 grav or less) plays with everything defauls except gravity. In my honest opinion, it makes up for a sitting ducks shoot out, in which aim has, most often than not, the final word. Everytime you spawn on the top, if you don’t quickly kill whoever is pointing at you while you’re going down, you often end up dead. And if you kill someone, chances are he’ll spawn and nade you faster than you can gather health. And when he nades you, you often aren’t agile enough to dodge it enough.

Honestly, I don’t indulge settings like the old EYE|BLOODYENGLAND server had (some of you may have known it), cuz they were super-mega-fast. I actualy liked EYE settings, but I admit it was a bit extreme. But these settings, well I think they are pretty adequate for the size of the maps. Even for smaller killboxes. I used to play with those settings a lot in a friend’s server and I always thought that that was way cool. And I’m asking this question because I believe most ppl know that such changes in the gameplay can be done, but hardly anyone does them.

Being able to not feel like a snail while going around the box, having the ability (or agility) to wonder around dodging ppls shots, not being held in the air for eternity after jumping by mistake or by a failed strafe jump, reaching 650 speed in a good bhop situation, gathering health and ammo or weapons quickly like if playing dm, were all reasons for me to always think that was how killboxes should be played.

But even in leagues ppl play the sitting ducks game. What the eff… (that’s the reason I didnt go into killbox leagues when I used to play them a lot)

If you’re interested in trying out these settings without having to change a server yourselves, here’s the server’s IP: - killbox fun server

KBH settings always seemed best for killbox, loved it…miss it, ah hells bells…

what were thouse settings?

well I’ve played both settings KBH and EYEs ol’ turbo box which was a blast and a half cuz going 900-1100 Vels and nailing a headshot ooooohhhhhhhwooooo ain’t nothin like it. miss it more than most of the things in dm.

Well stop by for a visit then :smiley:

Dunno what server you’re talking about, otherwise I would…

lol lich u will wait for the answer that doesnt ever come

anyway i like this server :laughing: that’s phrase seems familiar

but the airacceleration is so big , when u do left-to-right or right-to-left it goes so fast that’s the only one thing i dont find perfect

[KBH] Clan server
[KBH] Clan-House of Death

The Eye (air accel and such) settings are fun and so is TSGK.

The KBH map however is a bore.
(sacrilege, i know)

To each his own.

Couldn’t connect for some reason… I’ll try later.

Very nice!
I appreciate your statement.

People play killbox on all settings. That is pretty much what makes it killbox the fact every server is different.

My server uses those settings you mentioned at the top of the post.

[TSF#5] Sadist’s War Room

It’s been down for three months due to hard drive issues but is now back.

Our killbox server - - uses these settings:

sv_gravity “450”
sv_friction 4
sv_maxspeed 320
sv_airaccelerate 10
sv_accelerate 10

How does that compare? Obviously some maps have cvars embedded…

Yeah yeah, cheap plug, I know… :sunglasses:

just don’t forget who’s been using it first yar :wink:
btw 7000 is all u need. it goes all the way up to 9999 which will give u a headache. above 9999 means nothing.
and try sv_accelerate at 500 to 1000

[quote="[EYE] Valar"]
and try sv_accelerate at 500 to 1000

yea that’s what make that fastness of the EYE servers :stuck_out_tongue:

Because all the free accounts are used to play rp and coop maps.

Ive created a group in hope we can do something about this… http://steamcommunity.com/groups/PKbxS


Just an observation here, but as long as settings are user definable, you will have any and every combination under the sun. People like what they like and thats what they will do. Welcome to the settings debate, we already went through it with the killbox vs stock arguement and well we know how that went…

I personally hate killbox of any kind, shape or form and I most definately hate anything less than about 550 Gravity but thats me.
Yes hate is a strong word, but it is appropriate in my case. Besides the rp and coop crap, the killbox and low grav has, in my opinion, ruined this game.