[Wiki] List of maps

How about a beginner section, dealing with weapon placement etc. And an advanced section dealing with
bounce spots advanced strategy etc. As far as non killbox maps I am a beginner and the first thing I need to
know is where are the weapons , health, and the layout of the map. I know it is probably more work to divide
it up, but in the long run I think it will be more beneficial to the newer players.

Well, yeah, I was actually thinking that you should maybe have one standard overview map for each of weapons/items, spawn points and place names. Not to mention overviews made for strategy purposes.

Could do a couple of things:

Have a seperate section for competition maps (might be confusing if someone doesnt know its a competition map) where that sort of thing is discussed in detail.

Do a seperate series on competative play featuring the competative maps.

I would favor the latter option and just keep the map wiki as basic info on all the maps.

I would prefer to see the focus on the map in the wiki and then anyone who wants to work hardcore on map strategy we can make advanced courses and add them to the curriculum in the higher level courses.

So, basically, keep the parts that could be considered official curriculum (Stage 4 is kinda advanced I guess) on pages of their own. I think they should still be linked from both the basic map page as well as the curriculum page, since I believe that the wiki would be perfect for getting as much contribution as possible even with this.

We will see how it develops. When installing the concept I had in mind was Wiki for reference type information, rest of site for teaching and training.

Hm, yeah, I guess some of this more advanced stuff is part of both of those categories. Keep in mind, though, that some of it is more general in that it doesn’t necessarily refer to any special kind of play mode (team, ctf, 1on1, ffa).

this is a nice idea :smiley: !

Yeah true. Actually, just have at it, I can use the Wiki to develop the curriculum even more. The idea of the courses is to cut to the heart of the matter and give people learning core material that will help them. The wiki is sure to be more extensive.

:sunglasses: I’ve started (with a lot of GREAT help from Swot) dm_biohazard_cal. As part of my assignment (yes I get college credit for this :wink:) I have to watch for edits. So if someone would please feel free to edit dm_biohazard_cal so I can watch the changes. I tried to follow the format you guys have posted and tried to add a bit of my own style. Swot seemed really interested so I hope I did good on my first try. (Swot feel free to edit it too if I didn’t do it justice)

Not full credits lol, one of my assignments for Comm Tech lol.

Hate to say it but you would get ALOT more material to write about if you looked at TF2 maps. There is alot more mapping activity there right now and alot of b1 versions that go to b2, b3, b4, …

Well considering it was a 400-500 word paper and I’m already at 567 words and I haven’t added swots changes in my paper…I’m fine on material lol

400-500 words in college!? WHAT!? I had to write 5 pages minimum every night for my honors English/History class in highschool…

LOL well it is an INTRO to technology class. Some people are computer illiterate :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still blown away lol. Maybe my highschool was really hard or something. I can’t remember a paper that I was assigned that was less than a 3 page minimum. Not to mention the paper of all papers I wrote for my last paper in that combined English/History class. It was 35 pages of pure gold, with a 40 minute mandatory presentation to go along with it. I’m set then if entry level classes in college are THAT easy lol.

It honestly depends on the teacher. I’ve had short 1 page papers and I’ve had 7-10 page papers. It depends on how often they are due and what the class is for. Right now the most I will have to due for any class is a 4 pager 3 times

Thats pretty reasonable, I hear what you mean about teachers, thats so true. I guess I was blessed with paper nazis back in highschool. I can certainly write a damn good paper at the drop of a hat lol.

Yeah my teachers always stress quality over quantity yet we always have a 1-2 page rage we’re supped to be in. Confuses the hell outta me. :slight_smile: lol

Not only that but it defeats the purpose unless the euros are speaking something other then english a major goal of the U is to unify people and standardize things. Just pick 1 set and make sure the names are short so they can be quickly said over a team speak.