xhair + vista 64bit hell

HI all

anyone out there running 64bit Vista and a custom crosshair? I made the change recently and can’t get my trusty old dot xhair back :question:

PS: any other tweaks for vista 64bit would be appreciated, dm just don’t feel right any more :angry:

yeah justin which xhair u lookin 4?

sweet. a single dot :slight_smile:
My old one don’t work no more and i keep gettig the default five dot rubbish


This si what I use it is basically the default crosshair minus the other 4 dots around it, it is very small though you can increase its size in clientscheme.res i think.

Don’t forget to make it read only


sorry m8 here it is! i think filefront deletes yer files after so long, use fontcreator if you want to mod it it any way

I use vista 64 and 32 and do not have a problem. But I will say that in general switching xhairs by replacing files in any OS XP vista or windows 7 did not always work on the first time. Valve for some reason tends to over write them unless do extra steps. I am not even sure which exact steps work best. I close steam, copy the files, then right click > properties > check make read only > OK. And usually I can get it.

howz about mine using Conflicts hud and my xhair or whatever 1 you prefer i can change that for you easy mattter of fact i wanna see more of a variety in xhairs in the game but no1 has come forward with enough to put into a second pack

heres mine

I use this one with a red hud. I really like it a lot. Its not huge but bigger than just a tiny dot. I forget whose it was but it was in one of the custom packs we have here on the DMU. I think I am using Ontys color pack. The one thing I dont like is when you zoom in, the xhair turns to white instead of staying red. I am using Win 7 64 bit and so far I dont have any issues with HL2DM. I never did anything to the OS for a xhair. I just put the files for the custom xhair in the appropriate places in the game, so Im not sure what Fearsome means by this

in general switching xhairs by replacing files in any OS XP vista or windows 7

I believe that’s nate’s.

well thx but still no joy.

tried all linked downloads
deleted font from fonts folder
quit steam and tried installing em


Any more ideas chaps n chapettes ?

mine is working so are the ones on the u :confused:

Try this

for some reason it has worked :slight_smile:

I followed the instructios in my post above this morning and it has worked, the only difference was i used my old xhair from my backup.

I suspect it was vista blocking the files for coming from another computer otherwise i cant really see what i did to fix it.

Thanks for ya help all :sketchy: